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Sometimes purchasing a new instrument can inspire new music. In this case I just got the UVI Vintage Legends. For those of you that are not up on computer geek, these are virtual keyboards or in other words keyboards that only exist in digital domain.  They are recreations of rare expensive classic keys  Thanks UVI for doing a good job with this so even I can have to luxury of these instruments!

Please note that these were mixed through a Trident Console and compressed with tube compressors and eq’d with tubes as well. Mastering uses the TC Electronics 6000 MD3 and Brick Wall along with the Steven Slate Virtual Tape Machine. In the box mixing will sound different as you can imagine but the keyboards hold there own however they are treated to personal taste.

The song demo below is only using the UVI Vintage Legends Keyboards.
My goal with this song is to be rich creamy and ambient. Vocals to be added. Yonatan Miller has tracked some beautiful violin parts but I wanted this mix to feature only synths. I will post a version with violins soon.

Keyboards and patches used are:
CS-M Patch: ST Soloist
U1250 Patch: Lauper Synth
FMX1 Patch: Round Bass
Synthox: BL Little Porta

Praeludium by J.S. Bach. Interpreted by Liv Singh.

The song demo below (which is pretty basic but will have more parts added) is only using the UVI Vintage Legends Keyboards.
Keyboards and patches used are:
CS-M Patch: AR-Tease Analog
Kroma Patch: Short Stab
FMX1 Patch: Chord Actuator
UI250 Patch: Alien Keys
UI250 Patch: Ess K Pad

Song “Electric” Sample – Work in progress.

Liv Singh Khalsa

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Billboard Reviewed and Top 10 Charting, Grammy Nominated, 2 time NAMA Award Winner, Keyboard Magazine Album of the Year Winner producer & engineer Liv Singh Khalsa.
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