Our Newest Illusion Of Life

Our Newest Illusion of Life from Bishop Diamond

We live in a day and age when technology powers us to create and express on our own terms. No longer are we hyper-dependent on a microcosmic system of people to dictate the sound of our records or the look of our latest music videos. In 2014, we have earned the privilege of venturing forth to define the edge of our own creative play.

In the case of Bishop Diamond’s newest album release, Illusion of Life, this is the absolute truth. Veteran producer Liv Khalsa and all-around musician and songwriter Bishop Diamond have joined forces to present us with their unique take on good tunes including 17 original pop tracks and a handful of equally colorful music videos.

Every ounce of creative weight offered on both the album and the videos is written, produced, and creatively conceived by the dynamic duo. While the songs are so catchy they seem to latch onto every neuron in your brain, the videos futuristic throw-back vibe captivates and grooves you through to every moment of the music.

“I am learning about directing videos,” explained Liv Khalsa. “The song ‘Patterns Are Beaming’ was the first time I shot live footage of an artist in a public setting. Everything about this video and the videos we’ll be releasing add an artist edge. Many pop artists today have videos where they go way overboard on the emotions. What we’ve created is our own unique production of the opposite.”

What is quirky and novel about the series of videos is exactly what is brilliant about them. Nothing detracts from the sole purpose of why you are watching the video in the first place – to experience the music. At the end of the day, the song is the highest order where catchy music is original and exceptionally well written for today’s most conservative pop radio listener.

Be on the lookout for more videos to roll out over the next month. Here are some of my favorite bits about Bishop Diamond’s upcoming videos.

“Purification” They said back in the 1980s that “Video Killed The Radio Star.” This video more than proves that great music will bring video back to life. Our most recognized icons come alive as Bishop Diamond’s head is superimposed on each of the floating images. You can’t help but crack a smile and bob your head from side to side while watching this visually captivating piece that features one catchy killer track.

“Who Do You Listen To?” Intimate and moving… like a cocoon of sound that enraptures you in subtle grooves and lilting vocals. When the video first starts, you’re not quite sure if you accidentally hit the mute button on your player. But as soon as the first chords hit your eardrums, you know for certain who it is that you’re listening to. It’s the newest, freshest, best thing to hit pop music – Bishop Diamond.

“Stars Handed Down as Gifts When Liv mentioned that Bishop Diamond has his own signature dance moves and that he’s actually pretty well known for them, I didn’t quite know what to expect. This video is solid gold proof that Liv wasn’t exaggerating one bit. For over 3½ minutes, Bishop busts his groove moves in this video that combines Bishop dancing, Bishop drumming a snare, and Bishop wielding a top hat and pointer to show us the best that pop culture has to offer. It’s so good you just might want to get up and dance along.

“Purification Revisited” Bishop Diamond comes in loud and clear with this revamped version of the track “Purification Revisited”. Psychedelic and spacy visuals of the singer-songwriter weave through the universe while the song seems to cascade across space and time. What version of this alternate reality do we finally accept as our own? Watch the video to the very last moment and find your answer in the stars.

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