Convincible? Be Invincible!

Greetings Dear Friends,

I rose this morning with the command to write this special message to you. Several of you have called and emailed with questions. Perhaps this message will address them as well as provide inspiration. I send it to all of you who I know are planning to attend the upcoming workshop, The Journey to Brahm Prakash with me, as well as others who may consider joining us.

I remember the first time I rose in the amrit vela, the pre-dawn hours, to do the daily spiritual practice known as sadhana – two hours of prayer, yoga and meditation the way thousands have done for centuries and the way we now do it in the path of kundalini yoga.

Of course some one had to convince me that first time “What – it starts at 3:40 am?” I asked in shock. “It will be good for you, good for your health, good for your soul!” The answer sounded something like that. I nodded my head, set out my yoga clothes the night before, and called the car service to pick me up from my comfortable warm apartment in the fashionable section of Brooklyn known as the Heights.

Everything was ready. But was I? Well I had been convinced to go. So I got up at 3 am, dressed and sat sleepy-eyed in the back of a smoke-filled car, driving a short distance across Brooklyn. There was excitement stirring in me when I rang the doorbell of the little brownstone that served as an ashram on Bergen Street. What happened that morning — the chanting, the way I felt when we sang afterwards and we read from that beautiful holy book, the smell of Yogi Tea freshly made for us all –- ignited my light, the light of my soul.

So I convinced myself to go to this sadhana with the group for two days every weekend. My work days in Corporate America, after all, were too crowded and my hours too long to rise so early. Or so I told myself. But conviction grew. A conviction I hadn’t counted on and had never experienced before. So two days became three and then four. The weeks grew into months. Folks in the ashram soon began to set their alarms by the time each morning that Sangeet Kaur walked up the steps and rang the bell – always at 3:25 am. “She’s here – time to get up! Quick!” Eventually I had to move in. Not for the good food, which was undeniably great and fun to prepare together. Not for the companionship, though it was good to share this practice with others. I had to move in so I could live where I was born fresh and new each morning. Perhaps it was my temple and I had to live there.

I did not realize then but I had moved from being convincable to being invincible. Each day I rose out of my comfortable bed to arrive on time in the sadhana room I grew stronger, more neutral in my mind, more valuable in my job and in this world.

Now, 35 years later, I am asking you to take some steps in this direction. Many have walked this path with me over all those years. When you come to this course – this Journey to Brahm Prakash – you do not have to rise at 3 am and take a smoke-filled cab across Brooklyn to get to where the day starts. In fact, I invite you to do what many of us early-timers did when we visited other ashrams – we put our sleeping bags and little inflatable mats down in a room nearby, or even on the sadhana room floor, so we would be certain to be there on time. I’m gong to do just that!

There is plenty of room in our little ashram residence here in North Phoenix for all of you to put your inflatables down, and there are adequate bathrooms. It’s far less rough than camping out for 8-9 days at summer solstice! Or if you still prefer to commute, come as early as you can. We will leave the door unlocked. Wake up your fire, my friends!

I have received several emails from folks who would like to come to the course telling me they don’t know if they can make it for sadhana from their homes. A couple have asked if they can come to just part(s) of the course. Of course I am going to say “Yes, come to what you can!” as that is the way of my caring heart. But you must talk with me first, and we will see how to work out a schedule that ensures both a strong experience for you as well as continuity of energy for the whole group. What we are working to accomplish, to release fear, despair and insanity in this world, is a mighty mission.

Please understand: I wish everyone attending to commit to the whole process and let it work for you. There can be some exceptions, but the course is comprised of various components, including important meditations, all building up on each other. Without proper preparation each step of the way, you cannot put full energy and focus into a 2-1/2 hour meditation. And we will be doing three of them. Start by joining us for sadhana – we have two in this course. Because in the early hours the fire in the mind and the soul ignite the fire in the whole physical form. So over time we become stronger, growing into the role of the true invincible doer-saints who live to help others and make a difference in this world. You can become such a one. Perhaps you already are but you do not fully know it yet. Come join us. Just take a step, one step at a time.

God is walking with you, God is in you!

Bless you in all ways always!


Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

About Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

For over 30 years, Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, sat at Yogi Bhajan's feet, as often as her busy life allowed, soaking in every possible bit of information on women's wisdom. He trained her and often personally challenged and molded her.

On the morning of New Years Day, 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona, Sangeet woke up with a start and the phrase, "Womanheart" imprinted in her mind.

Over a -week period she and Creator nurtured the heart of Womanheart. It was more than a program of yoga, meditation, chanting, and loving communion with other women. More than a workshop revealing that sometimes men's and women's relationships are like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vs. The Thirty Faces of Eve." [A chapter in Sangeet's classic Womanheart book]

It was the invitation for women to nourish themselves completely and open up to walk their own deepest spiritual path. It was to provide the catalyst for the most profound changes a woman can experience in this lifetime.

Womanheart has evolved from evening classes to workshops, and then in 1995 a four day retreat, held twice a year with the invaluable help of her male business partner, now husband, Hari Nam Singh and an all volunteer staff of women.

Sangeet's mission is to "reach a million women with the message of their own grace and dignity and the tools to assure themselves of this everyday". I tell women, 'There are many places you can go to change your mind. You came here to change your life. Take these experiences into the core of your heart. If the world goes to hell in a hand basket, I won't and don't you either. Some of us need to be strong. We need to be steady, conscious, and elevated. We have to look to our own sacredness and build it, and from that make that great connection that will never be broken.

You can visit Womanheart at:
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