Available! Intoxicated with the Devine – Sufi Meditations by Yogi Amandeep Singh

Intoxicated with the Devine – Sufi Meditations

This album contains rare Sufi mantras from Sufi traditions and also those that were taught by Yogi Bhajan in his vast universal teachings.  Features Chanting by Yogi Amandeep Singh and beautiful singing by Manasa Majeti. Music composed by Liv Singh Khalsa. Included in the CD and with the downloads will be a booklet with meditations for all four chants:

1. Huuuuuu Huu (Slow – Medium – Fast): 31 min.
2. Haq Allah Hu Hu Hu: 11 min.
3. Hum Dum Har Har Har Har Hum Dum: 11 min.
4. Huuuuuuuuuu Hu (Long & Slow): 11 min.

Dedicated at the Lotus feet of my beloved master my Murshid Panth Rattan Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Bhai Harbhajan  Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji (Yogi Bhajan).

When you enter the marketplace of love, Be sure to have a Guide who knows the inner secret. Baba Bulleh Shah The path of a Sufi Dervish is the path of unconditional love – Ishq. How to fall in love with the Whole. How to bridge the distance between Khaluq & Khalaq – Creator & Creation. In that realization, the Sufi dervish merges with the whole existence, gets drunk with the wine of Wahdat-Ul-Wajood – Great Oneness and declares, Haq Haq Haq – nothing but Truth Truth Truth.

Liv Singh Khalsa

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Billboard Reviewed and Top 10 Charting, Grammy Nominated, 2 time NAMA Award Winner, Keyboard Magazine Album of the Year Winner producer & engineer Liv Singh Khalsa.
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