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Tesz just can’t seem to keep still. Born in Michigan City, Indiana but raised in Phoenix, Arizona since the age of 1, Tesz left the desert with her parents to live in the humid jungles of Singapore when she was just 16-years-old. High school graduation from the American School brought her to UCLA where she managed to stay for one year before she was off again. This time, at the age of 18, Tesz moved to Germany to perform the lead role in the hit musical Miss Saigon. The turn of the Millenium brought Tesz back to L.A. where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and returned back to Germany to live and perform worldwide as a professional singer for 8 more years.

Realizing that success cannot replace her love of family, Tesz recently returned to Phoenix to be closer to her parents and her elementary school friends. Retiring the high-heels she used at gigs, Tesz has traded her professional singing career for her computer and her house slippers. Now a full-time copywriter, Tesz’s fingers on her laptop are the only things you’ll see running around at the speed of light. Occasionally you might see her running after her 10-year-old half-brother during their latest round of "Tag - You're It!", but if you ask her, she’d tell you there's no other place she'd rather be.

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