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When the Lunar Goddess renews herself in precise Virgo we are on point to comb through every corner of our world in order to weigh out and identify what is working. Later today determined Mars is conjunct Saturn, forging a new foundation assisting with new methods of efficiency. This is a potent cocktail for transformation. A new friendship or business connection can sweep you off your feet. A long awaited project can finally break ground and begin. Virgo loves us to be healthful and appreciates our elimination of toxic habits.

Venus trines Uranus during the New Moon so take care to not become overly critical all of a sudden. It is better to just be gentle with this process. Neptune’s opposition to this New Moon can easily drag you into endless tangents. Take care to monitor your behavior and stay on track. The reward for doing so is long-term so it is well worth the effort.

Mercury floats into the luscious lair of Libra just after midnight the morning of September 2. This brings an ability to see both sides of a situation and offers more finesse when dealing with sensitive matters. Be kind to others who aim to share their opinion with you.

Venus the Goddess of attraction begins her visit of Virgo just after midnight September 5. It is now so much easier to analyze our true feelings about recent decisions in personal and business relationships. Monitor your level of nitpickiness. Too much of this demystifies love and leaves it flat.

The upside of the Full Moon in Pisces September 8, is that it allows fantasy to become a reality. The challenge is to keep from giving too much power to paranoia. This is your choice so take responsibility for your thoughts and moods. An abstract idea is easily formed into a reality today. Meditators and dreamers are sure to receive a cosmic message and wishes are granted. Keep the thoughts positive to assure proactive results.

September 13, Mars soars into the sign of the centaur. Sagittarius kicks up his heels and taunts you to hold on to the creative power and this unfiltered jolt of energy. This six-week transit can cause you to act more impulsively and makes it a challenge to filter your remarks. Step out into nature when you feel hot under the collar to gain a bird’s eye view of the situation at hand. This keeps you from singeing your allies.

So often, people come to me wanting to know their future. I feel it is with more integrity that we address the now. Those of you that hunt for this information can easily find a glimpse when Mercury is conjunct the North Node on September 16. For techniques as to how, please see me for a private consultation.

After his long retrograde cycle Pluto turns direct September 22. In the weeks to come, the many stale feelings you have been holding onto begin to chip and easily fall away. Anything that was hidden from view becomes visible. Energy that has been withheld by others is offered to you.

The solar ingress is when the Sun reaches the zero point of Libra each year. This marks the equinox on September 22. Metaphorically we come into a rebalancing of opposites and prepare for a shift in seasons. Libra is a sign of grace, beauty and attraction. Let these infuse you and your projects for the betterment of all rather than getting caught in indecision, narcissism and co-dependency.

The Lunar Month of Virgo offers you her list of tried and true solutions. Tap into her wisdom as you prioritize tasks and solve your way through challenges. Wishing you a very productive month of mastery over your new projects and ideas and may you find better ways to come to completion.

I invite you to read on for my predictions for the 12 signs.

Aries March 19/20 to April 20/21. Your tendency to push too hard takes its toll on your health. Pay close attention to all aggravations and heed them as early warnings. Allowing them to take root proves detrimental for the future. Let your love carry you forward, just not into hard and fast legally binding agreements. You have made these mistakes before—do you really need to go through this again? Instead, reinvent who and how you are. This rebranding is a sure-footed step onto your path of liberation and in turn assures prosperity. Beware of trying too hard to fit in. Instead, take the time for self-discovery and choose your most polished side to present.

Taurus April 20/21 to May 21/22. Restructure your daily schedule. Make gentle shifts that smooth out your communication pathways. Carry this over into your social circle and you are sure to ride upon blissful currents of creativity. Bulls already involved in romantic relationships feel a resurgence of love. Those unattached discover a refreshing new connection. The more stabilized you become the greater your scope of happiness. Remember that the energy of love goes hand in hand with inventiveness. By all means spend time revisiting your shelved projects.d.

Gemini May 21/22 to June 21/22. Everything is running at full tilt. The trick this month is to find time to relax and regroup. Invest your extra time and your resources into your home and family. A rumble at work potentially throws you completely off balance. Single twins are about to find themselves entrenched in a committed relationship. When posed with multiple options be sure to choose the best listener. All the other prospects lead to turbulence. If the partnership you seek is in business, take extra time to weigh out your options. It is up to you to make clear choices. Stay focused. You cannot afford a slip-up right now.

Cancer June 22/23 to July 22/23. Hot waves of sensitivity dart through you, so be gentle with your activities and your diet. Your storehouse is full and allows you to utilize the fruits of your labor and drive full-throttle back into your work. Trust your instincts and take some risks. Offers are coming your way. Try to see yourself in new scenarios rather than being overly picky and stuck. The crazier and more far-fetched it seems, the better it is in the long run. Believe in yourself. You are the only one that ever holds you back. Go out there and take what is yours.!

Leo July 22/23 to August 23/24. Issues regarding the home front that have been simmering on the back burner just had the lid blown off. You have only one choice: be the responsible one and corral all parties into full cooperation. Once this is all talked out and settled the clarity clears all directions. Life begins to flow freely again. Rather than getting grumpy with yourself in hindsight, just be grateful you have taken responsibility and gotten the job done. If the leadership position is what you really want, then by all means climb into the saddle, grab hold of the reigns and ride!

Virgo August 23/24 to September 23/24. You can only fix the people around you that are willing to be transformed. So, just let go of the notion for now and invest your energy into yourself. A new fixation is making you happy so allow it to sweep you away after you have given it your signature one over and evaluation. It has been a while since you picked up your creative project and given it attention. Set a little time aside in your week to enjoy this once again. Judge the validity of your new projects by the affirmative signs and resounding yes you feel inside. Anything less is to be avoided. This helps you to keep your reserves at optimum levels.

Libra September 23/24 to October 23/24. You are caught in the conundrum of wanting a more stable and secure existence. This however is an impossibility due to your usual patterns of indecision and commitment phobias. You must stand up to yourself and tell it like it is. Look not only over the last year but also the last decade. Identify what you feel proud of in your relationships and your accomplishments. Choose to really let go of the patterns that do not work. You have the opportunity right now to be the change you are craving. Roll your sleeves up and go get it.

Scorpio October 23/24 to November 22/23. Powerfully clear dreams give you confirmation that you are successfully cleaning up the larger piles of muck that have accumulated. In addition you are able to see what still clinging to the corners and edges of your psyche. Before you begin to press diligently forward, take some much needed time out to enjoy space and admire your achievements. Realize you have been working very hard. Slow yourself down enough to drink in the love and appreciation coming your way. The financial situation that has been in a stalemate finally sheds its shroud of confusion and offers forth a solution. Take time to fully investigate all possibilities before making a conclusive decision.

Sagittarius November 22/23 to December 21/22. Your words must be chosen with clarity and integrity now more than ever. You had lost sight of their power and ability to directly affect your environment and this situation at hand. Meticulously comb through all of your work methods and techniques. Identify your best moves and stash them in a new clean file. Take extra care to not cross the line with a coworker. The aftermath can cause great destruction. It is not so easy to identify the early warning signs, so tread lightly. If your lover pushes your buttons, this can cause you to drop your guard. Please slow down. Stay on top of your schedule and your tasks. This helps you to build momentum. Create more by celebrating all gains great and small.

Capricorn December 21/22 to January 20/21. Your professional life is on an upswing with an influx of new ideas and a new band of supporters. A chain of exciting opportunities unravels smoothly and presents itself. Stay positive in order to utilize this to your highest potential. Your ideas and desires are yours and yours alone. Don’t expect others to understand. You must make yourself very clear by organizing your thoughts and words. The more concise you are, the easier it is for you to win the agreements of colleagues. This can take you abroad or on the path of higher education.

Aquarius January 20/21 to February 18/19. You have a great love for the weird and wonderful so get ready to revel in it! A deal you have been patiently waiting for comes through. Breathe a deep sigh of relief and give thanks by making a gesture of gratitude to the Divine. If you begin to feel rambunctious give yourself permission to break out. A necessary regrouping within your inner circle causes disruptions. Give them support by setting an example of how you roll with it. Be gentle with everyone’s feelings. They are not able to respond to change the same as you right now. Your service and dedication is a welcomed cushion for those experiencing turbulence.

Pisces February 18/19 to March 19/20. Do all you can to be in the present moment especially with regards to financial agreements. Avoid long-term credit commitments and keep all transactions cash only. Feel your way into the right projects with the right people. Stay out of your head. This proves to be your best choice as a navigational tool. A break in tension gives you a much deserved ease in communications. The crush you have at work can easily blossom into a romantic partner. Likewise a romantic partner can suddenly merge with you on a business venture. Either way this is a win-win, so enjoy!

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Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

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