Ambika Devi Cosmic Astrology June 2013

Suerte from the New Moon June 8, 2013 11:56:20 a.m. EDT Jensen Beach, FL8 Chica de las Estrellas

New Moon in Gemini is an opportunity to have a conversation with ourselves. Gemini is known for insatiable curiosity and though sometimes seen as nit-picky is actually a great helper this month. Luna is conjunct Jupiter for this event, making everything appear larger than it really is! Ah what to do… I suggest easing up on yourself and not getting onto a hamster wheel that loops the same conversation over and over and yet again over. This combination can really pour it on causing you to feel buried in work, conversations and information flooding in. Do whatever it takes to stay afloat, focused and on target.

Pragmatic Saturn forms a comfy trine to Neptune June 11. This is the second out of three; the original was on October 10, 2012. The final of this triple-set is next month on July 19, stay tuned for more on that next month in Suerte for the Moon. This connection of reality based Saturn and empathetic Neptune gives us the opportunity to reach into our dreams and ultimately pull them out into reality. Time to make them come true as this is the power of co-creativity in motion presenting itself. You are a divine co-creator of the big picture, remember this!

The Luckiest day of the year is June19 when Jupiter the benefic giant conjoins the Sun—who represents our center of being—in the chatty sign of Gemini. The pair infuses us with curiosity and a great deal of ambition. Remember to keep your inquisitions to a minimum and by all means keep your intentions in a positive frame of mind. This is indeed a very auspicious day. Celebrate love, peace, happiness and give freely to others. You are setting precedents today for the coming year. Be conscious and clear about your choices.

June 21, the Sun floats into the watery realm of Cancer celebrating the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, the place I call home. In the Southern Hemisphere our friends are celebrating the Winter Solstice. This is a time of transition and a solar yearly midpoint. The sign of Cancer craves security and protection just like her symbol the crab. When you taunt the little creature she becomes emotionally charges and threatens you right back. Mind your own behavior and reactiveness!

The Capricorn Full Moon June 23, is strong and sturdy just like the mountain goat symbol of this Saturn ruled sign. Emotions about financial advancement are stirred up today in gale-force. When the storm clears everybody wins, really cool right? This is due to a helpful trine from Saturn—who is in Scorpio right now—to the Sun and Moon in this event today. The symbol for Capricorn has the front end of a mountain goat and the tail end of a dolphin. This reminds the part of us that strives higher and higher and pushes hard to achieve that it is important to take time to soften into the emotional body. The Cancer-ruled moon feels pulled into detriment in the sign of Capricorn. This means a big squeeze on the emotions and our ability to feel the good from others. So though Saturn is helping, I advise you to mind your feelings and curb your responses.

Generous Jupiter moves into Cancer June 25, for a yearlong stay in the cave of the crab. The generous giant inspires us to give to and nurture those around us when he visits this sympathetic sign. Cancer often pulls us away from the public eye and into our own private world. If you feel like withdrawing, don’t worry about it. You are fine and have every right to retreat, everybody else is feeling this way also. The influence of the Crab creates a heightened sense of intuition and when she feels trusting, she sheds her crusty exterior and makes herself available to potential partnerships. I urge that when you are feeling completely safe, to do just this. I promise the inevitability of great growth at all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

June 26 Mercury begins his second retrograde cycle for this year. The entire backstroking takes place in the watery realm of Cancer. This certifies emotionally charged words in all forms of communication. Please triple check all of your back-ups and communications as this one is going to be a doozy for communication tools! Get your new equipment up and running now and if things go down during the retrograde, do your best to wait it out until Mercury goes direct on July 20. This goes for communications and making replacements or repairs.

The drama lion, Leo opens his arms to the Goddess of love Venus, who enters his arena June 27. Venus in Leo cranks up the levels of romance while boosting confidence. Go for it. Overstep the normal boundary you place on yourself when approaching new people and situations. You are a winner. Go look in the mirror and say this three times daily!

Worst days of July for negotiations or work matters are the 1st through the 4th. Plan now for vacation and let it all go. Everything will be a heck of a lot simpler to take care of after this prickly patch. If you can, travel away from the ones who irritate you and like to push your buttons. Then, ignore their calls and texts. You will be so grateful I warned you!

July 7 Saturn turns Station Direct at 4 degrees Scorpio. If you didn’t realize you are on a cliff try stepping back and then let me know. If you know you have been there all along and really do need to make the change, by all means jump and take that leap of faith. Those of you who have been in a financial bind now find that things are flowing in a much more positive direction. Your footing changes to a much more stable place. Listen to yourself! You sound a lot more mature and have made great strides in growing your methods.

Find out where all of this is happening for you personally as these events transit your natal chart. Make your appointment now to plan the best course of action to utilize Jupiter’s positive influence on your chart for the coming year. I am available via Google Hangouts, Skype and by phone. Get in touch with me now to make your appointment.

Read on for the 12 signs to gain personal insights for the coming Lunar month!


Ambika Devi, Chica de las Estrellas your girl of the stars!

Aries March 19/20 to April 20/21. The only one you are responsible for is you. How has this been going lately? I am begging you to really start to look at what you are doing to your body. No one else can be held responsible. It is up to you to develop the willpower needed to keep your energy and health functioning in an optimum state. Regarding the conversation you have been engaging in: I know you have great ideas and can often see a much clearer big picture for the people around you, but nobody wants to listen to a bossy hot mess. Get my point? Before you tell others how they should be acting and behaving you must reevaluate all of your own patterns. This is an extremely fertile time for you. Put it to good use to activate and grow projects of interest. Those of you not wanting to be pregnant, I have three words for you-use a condom!

Taurus April 20/21 to May 21/22. Partnerships and agreements are shifting all around you. Do everything you need to, in order to feel stabilized. The last thing you Bulls like to tolerate is a slippery slope. Adding to the instability this month is a likely chance that you are going to have to travel unexpectedly. The good news is that the contracts you are negotiating are all working out in a positive manner. Your intuition is stronger than ever and you are experiencing telepathic moments. Buy that lottery ticket when you get the whim. Say yes to side jobs and offers. You have indeed crossed a threshold and these positive vibrations remain for one year. Think about this and put them to good use!

Gemini May 21/22 to June 21/22. Finally, just when you had almost completely given up, the cash you have been counting on arrives. What did you learn about the torment you have been putting yourself through while you were waiting? I know you were paying a lot of attention to the little voices in your head. How can I get you to stop giving them so much value and turn your awareness to the advice coming from your heart? It is your heart that has the ability to tell the truth and guide you appropriately. The mind only causes you trouble and is never a good choice as an ally. So much is potentially changing for the better right now. You are being offered a new job and your physical energy and libido are increasing. Be sure to manage the newfound vigor, by committing to a nightly meditation session before getting into bed. This is the only way you can find deep sleep and proper rest.

Cancer June 22/23 to July 22/23. During the Mercury retrograde I strongly urge you to really look at what your long-term goals are. Once you figure these out you must evaluate where you are right now. Then set a grouping of very clear short-term goals. Next create a plan as to how you are going to put them into action. There are so many possibilities for you that this all seems very unreal. You have never before experienced so much potential to get what you want and to get things done. Begin by prioritizing and for goodness sake, please dream big! Venus, the goddess of love and attraction is in your sign. This makes romance a distinct possibility as well. If a relationship is not what you want, use her energy when she moves to Leo to help you be seen as more attractive in your work. Get a makeover, buy new clothes and watch the magic happen!

Leo July 22/23 to August 23/24. Discomfort changes to opportunity when you release old patterns and habits that have been holding you back for a very long time. The good news is that you have a crystal clear vision path and the resources to make necessary changes. Negotiate the difficulties by laying-low and interacting with others as little as possible. If you have to cancel or postpone engagements, I recommend it. Change happens whether you are ready or not. The good news is that you are quite likable right now. Put this to good use and let it fuel your creative side. Edges and boundaries have become quite tender. Be mindful of yourself and proceed slowly. Have trust that the buyers and takers are receptive and genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Virgo August 23/24 to September 23/24. Take care to be extra conscientious with appointments. You are experiencing a tendency for tardiness. Communications in your relationships snag. To get yourself through this and clear the air practice honesty. This is always the best policy! A dramatic shift occurs and you suddenly find yourself in the limelight. This expands your ever-growing social circle. Appliances may go on the fritz. If things need fixing now, get to them or wait until the end of July. Whenever venturing out, double or better yet, triple check yourself to save experiencing embarrassment. Stay on the safe side. As this month progresses, your beauty shines both inside and out. Everyone loves you. Please learn to love you also!

Libra September 23/24 to October 23/24. Time to step up and ask for the promotion you know you deserve at work. Right now you are staring at a window of opportunity. You really deserve this, so roll up your sleeves and go and get it! Your intuition is heightened so let it guide you. Look at all situations and ask yourself how you can best bring them to completion. You must do this before beginning anything new. Here’s why: you have been here for a while so, instead of bolting, you are creating a better situation and a reason to stay. All angles point to success now so take advantage of this and self promote. Next your love-life is on an upswing. Watch as it takes a turn for the better. Say yes to invitations from new social circles. These lead you to many great choices in potential mates. Do whatever you need to in order to learn how to trust your emotions. Remember though: career comes first!

Scorpio October 23/24 to November 22/23. The adventure is on! Look around and notice how you are ensconced in the luxuries and offers that you have always wanted. Be grateful and watch as more materialize and roll in rapidly. Travel helps your muse stay liquid and keeps your level of productivity up. Be sure to take much needed breaks to have fun and give yourself much needed time off. All of your literary and educational goals are indeed culminating. If entities go bump in the night and rattle your chains, soothe them. Once calmed, ask for assistance from the other side. Your psychic abilities are supercharged enabling you to make huge gains in finance and career when you listen to these benevolent spirits. The esoteric and philosophical debates that have been sucking up the majority of your time are calming down. People are beginning to quiet and listen to you. Remain peaceful and focused. I promise some free time coming. It is just around the next bend in the road!

Sagittarius November 22/23 to December 21/22. The time is now to recover some lost ground and get yourself caught up. Be super fussy and triple-check all financial documents. Take care to not allow your vision to inflate. This helps you stay within your means. Unexpected gains come to your aide allowing a much needed pay-off of nagging bills. Finish everything off before even thinking about taking on a new responsibility. At the end of July you can once again focus on the future. Staying in the now gives you a much needed boundary to work within. With that said, here is a bit of advice: in order to cool off, tap into your heightened libido, just be safe! Allow yourself to be the recipient and stop bending over backwards to please everyone other than yourself!

Capricorn December 21/22 to January 20/21. Though you have an idea to place a lien on your personal property in order to subsidize your business, I strongly advise against this. What you need right now is more clarity in all of your communications. This is where your energy is best spent for now. The recent resurgence of a former unresolved relationship creates a major amount of stress. Your insight and awareness is off. Relax, let this just flop around off to the side without putting a lot of concentration on it. The secret key to getting through all of this is found in the messages of your dreams. Write them down and capture the magic. Ask for answers and clarity before retiring into sleep each night and find yourself waking up with all of the answers!

Aquarius January 20/21 to February 18/19. Work is very confusing for two reasons. The first is the fact that communications have become screwy. The second is the emergence of a flirtation that potentially begins to turn serious. There are so many reasons to avoid this. Do I need to list them? A lot is at stake here and you do not have any room to gamble. Those of you in committed relationships can take this surge of power and infuse it into your existing relationships. Those of you looking for a relationship can use this to gain a heightened level of attraction to potential partners. If you don’t want a relationship and aren’t in one, use this to permeate your creative projects or your work performance.

Pisces February 18/19 to March 19/20. Home life is about to go completely whacky! This in turn ripples through all of your relationships. If you can take a break from all of this I highly recommend a retreat alone. When you return you find that everything has magically worked itself out. Sure the same outcome happens if you stay put but why go through so much drama? While your ruler Neptune simmers down into retrograde, I recommend lots of relaxation and stress reducing practices. Choose stillness over worrying and self-discovery over the sensations of feeling lost. Take a creative class. Get back into your hobbies. Think everything out several times before agreeing to take any plunge or make the tiniest move. Yes, I am telling you to play it all very, very safe.

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Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

Ambika Devi believes the way to honor our connection to the Earth Mother is through our sadhana, our daily practices. She teaches that to be inspired in our expression we must begin with our breath. Her favorite way to do so is through the practice of Mantra.

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