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Suerte from the Moon Suerte from the Moon March 11, 2013

Today’s New Moon in Pisces swirls our psyches into a whirlpool of wonder. The two fish ask you to choose between what you want and what is for the highest good. Which are you reaching for? Read on for guidance. Pisces conjures up the magical, mystical and mysterious sides of our psyches. Added into the mix we have the amorous nature of Venus and the intense passion of Mars conjunct to this cosmic event.

Those of you who regularly utilize the power of Luna inspire your art-forms and guide your meditations and rituals are noticing a great many more sensations than usual today. It is a perfect time to be a part of the group consciousness and tap into the collective knowing. Take all opportunities that present themselves which allow you to feel joy in the happiness of others and to soothe those in need.

The fish symbol of Pisces has been long used to represent spirituality and is here to remind us that we are indeed a part of the Great Cosmic Ocean. Let us remember that we are beings of love and light and that we are here for the purpose of soul evolution. We must remember that this is not an individual phenomena but rather a group action.

Dive into your heart and then resurface with a deep sense of compassion for all living beings. Know that a droplet does not experience separation in a sea of water. There is no way to define ourselves as one single drop in the great pool of love. Therefore you are, always have been and, always are to be, united in the infinite ocean of oneness.

Mars returns to his home sign of Aries March 12. This rammy blast knocks us of balance and makes it difficult to harness the immense rush. Use the extra energy for healthy choices like exercise and cleaning out the closet, rather than getting into unnecessary battles. Edginess arises triggered by the slightest annoyances. Mars loves us to move onward and into the future. March 22 the Red Warrior conjoins outrageous Uranus sending unusual shock-waves through our world. March 26 he squares Pluto, potentially causing a dazzling shift in conscious perception or a potential meltdown. The choice is yours. To know exactly which sector is primarily effected by this meeting is seen in your Natal Chart. Contact me for a consultation in order to ride it into success.

March 17, Mercury loops back and turns station direct. I don’t know about you but I am really happy to celebrate this forward motion. The Messenger’s recent backpedaling has wreaked havoc on my electronics but just knowing the retrograde has caused this is reassuring that it too shall pass. If you are also in the same boat, hold off before trashing anything overboard. Give the little rascal space to turn things around. This occurs April 5 when he returns to the starting point for his recent escapade which is 19 degrees Pisces. Even as I type this, something completely whack is happening in my word processor. All I can do is laugh and say, well, there is a bit of confirmation on this!

The Solar Ingress March 20 marks the starting point of the Tropical calendar when the Sun moves to zero degrees Aries. This is the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox to the south of the equator. Aries insists we fan the flames of individuality and get moving on our projects. In contact with the Solar movement a conjunction with Venus and Uranus flares us with feelings of “I am master of the universe!” Mind your manners around others; what you do in private is your business. In case you make a mess of this, there is ample time to tidy it up when the Sun squares Pluto March 28. Clean up things that have been hanging around past their expiration date; you know what I am talking about!

March 21, Venus moves into the sector of Aries. The flames of passion turn up the heat, encouraging us to view a recent suitor or current partner in a different light. This is a great time to get a makeover and have an evaluative purge through your living space. Though you may desire a bit of risk-taking I urge you to choose the safer path. The Goddess of Attraction is traveling close with the Sun causing the ego-mind to speak louder than reason. She makes contact with Grandfather Uranus March 28 when flip-flops of ideas cloud the mind with confusion. March 31 she gets in an intense square with Pluto. You might find yourself tossing everything out the window; just don’t litter unnecessarily!

Considering the current solar influences, this Libra Full Moon on March 27 struggles to bring everything into harmonic balance. If you find yourself exploding, do your best to keep from getting it on anyone. There is no need to spray all over. Instead, seek peace and harmony as you focus on the beauty inside and around you. Here to help you in a calming trine to the lunation is the benevolent Guru, Jupiter in Gemini. He is reminding you to talk it out and trust the ones you love. Let his wisdom guide you and be grateful for the loving listeners.

Aries March 19/20 to April 20/21. Take the lead and own it! Inspired ideas fire through your mind and suddenly everyone looks to you for direction. Keep your cool. Lead others with love while practicing tolerance. The freedom you crave comes when you manage to keep your mind clear. It is not your fault that others often fall short of your level. The key now is to stay neutral rather than letting on that they are seemingly beneath you. Remember, we are all connected and everything serves a greater purpose.

Taurus April 20/21 to May 21/22. Though you feel on top of your game and the world you still can teeter you off balance. So keep your wits! You have a multitude of tasks firing at you and must do your best to field them in order to handle all of the responsibility. Stay behind the scenes when you feel overloaded. This helps to lower the stress level. The dream world is showing you a lover of great magnitude. Accept the fact that this is a fantasy partner and can never be a reality. If you are in a relationship, lighten up on your expectations. If seeking a relationship, renegotiate your list of must haves and deal-breakers.

Gemini May 21/22 to June 21/22. You are doing damage control on the recent mess you made of a relationship. Take care to listen to the other side and point of view. The progression goes like this: First you blow up. Then you want to run. Right now you must find positive ways to heal all of this. Once it is smoothed over, then you can speak your inner truth. The patience now paves a glistening road forward in the next few weeks. Scoop into the center of your being where your brilliant light emanates from and then shine it out for all to see!

Cancer June 22/23 to July 22/23. Dreams and visions are giving a great deal of good guidance now. Tap into these and utilize all of your proven skills and methods. Reach beyond your comfort zone and take some risks. Unusual occurrences try to rock your boat. Stay steady and at the helm. Remember you are the first mate and must trust where the captain is taking you. Any sparks of ideas that would take you off your initiative are potentially temporary, so save investing in large sums for later. Ride the waves of any unusual power surges skillfully.

Leo July 22/23 to August 23/24. Talk is cheaper that you think when you are making unreal offers with no means of follow through. Everything has weight and value so; speak clearly and from the heart. Only use what is necessary in communication. It is not your habit to change for the greater but now, this is exactly what the stars prescribe. Look at this as an opportunity rather than grounds for rebellion. Invest your energy mindfully as you stretch beyond your usual boundaries. Negotiate the challenging tests with patience. Slow down and really sound out your ideas. This way others have the opportunity to hear you.

Virgo August 23/24 to September 23/24. You have been learning to let go of your old preconceived ideas of the way things are supposed to go and this is helping to heal you at all levels. Take care to keep moving forward. Even though you have opened new door there is no need to blast full steam ahead. It is preferable for you to exercise a bit of caution. Go easy on your nervous system by avoiding potentially stressful encounters. There is no need for you to try to fix and repair the perceived mess you see others creating. This is an opportunity to just let it all be. When you just let go; your luck changes for the better.

Libra September 23/24 to October 23/24. Here you go again, trying so hard to please the ones you love. Has this ever worked in the past? Do you get my point? Move forward now by using fresh new perspective. Try a class in a new subject or changing the route you drive every day. This allows others to see you in a new light. When the attraction factor hits a new high, ride it! In order to stay grounded create checkpoints for yourself throughout the day. This helps you to know whether you are seeing what is really going on or are confused by a cloud of fantasy.

Scorpio October 23/24 to November 22/23. It is becoming easier to see whether you are keeping things real or are viewing life through unusually rosy colored glasses. Get into your annual deep cleanse both inside the body and outside in your living environment. Purge what no longer serves your highest good. Give things away and watch the joy on the faces of the recipients. You are really busy. This is a good thing. Ask for assistance and keep focused on your current projects. This is getting you ready to launch into the big-time!

Sagittarius November 22/23 to December 21/22. Excitement has you ultra-wound up. Rather than trying to pour it all over your friends and family conserve this for yourself and your own creativity. This keeps you from dribbling words that potentially cause self-sabotage. Playful love bounds in for a visit. Take it for what it is. This is not a sturdy enough foundation for a serious relationship. You know you have gone too far when friends call you on sloppy stumbles. If possible aim some of this good creative energy at your work. This is a much more sound investment.

Capricorn December 21/22 to January 20/21. Devise a clear strategy and watch the hurdles melt into the ground. Take smaller steps and the assent is easier. Slow your breath down and your energy level appears to rise easily. These are small suggestions with great yield. An earth-changing desire moves your path dramatically. This rocks your world. You know deep inside that this is where you must go. Be gentle when sharing the information with your loved ones. Be sure to let them know you are being led by your heart; this way they do not feel insulted.

Aquarius January 20/21 to February 18/19. Use the combustive energy to fuel your newest endeavor. Sink longer hours into your work so as to keep your cool when you find the need for triggers and tweaks. Triple check your projects before calling them completed and keep the task-load realistic. It is OK to say no as well as delegate. You experience intense attractions at the physical level. Enjoy them and accept if they are momentary. Return to your creative ventures to avoid any sense of letdown. Take long hard looks at everything and give a day of space before making any agreements or purchases.

Pisces February 18/19 to March 19/20. Trust is a two-way street. Be clear as to what you are bringing to the table. You cannot expect more than you offer. If you do hit a bump or create a screw-up, accept the repercussions with grace. An intense creative time is coming soon. Practice tolerance with yourself and get real about the best choices for how use your time. Do not go out on a limb or work with unknown tools. Stay slow and steady to help you past this curve. A vast palette of possibilities awaits you just around the next turn.

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About Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

Ambika Devi believes the way to honor our connection to the Earth Mother is through our sadhana, our daily practices. She teaches that to be inspired in our expression we must begin with our breath. Her favorite way to do so is through the practice of Mantra.

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