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Moon Wisdom January 30 2014 4:38:30 p.m. EST Jensen Beach, FL© Ambika Devi, Chica de las Estrellas

This New Moon in Aquarius marks the start of the ancient Chinese calendar. Today we begin the Year of the Wooden Horse. The horse represents the traits of energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able individuals. The element of wood brings a level of stability for most of the animal signs of Chinese Astrology.

The sign of Aquarius, the water bearer urges us to broaden our horizons and nourish our minds with innovative new ideas. Aquarius idealism frees our grips and restrains thus allowing us to think from a more unified perspective. Ride the waves of inspiration and do something in the name of humanity today. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is sextile to this lunation further encouraging a unified and idealistic sense of community.

January 31, Venus turns station direct in staunch Capricorn after a relatively bumpy retrograde period. Any damage that has taken place within relationships must be rebuilt one brick at a time in the weeks and months to come. This requires a great deal of patience. Little by little decisions and the path forward become clearer. In addition today, Mercury floats into the misty territory of Pisces. This creates a fuzzy effect on expression and energizes our imaginations. Cerebral Mercury’s move into poetic Pisces blurs words with feelings, sensitizes conversations and fuels imagination. It’s a good time to read between the lines and notice nuances of tone and body language to understand subtle messages. Compassion softens discussions with tenderness to dissolve barriers, however, staying focused on facts can be challenging, especially when Mercury is retrograde on February 6-28. Also occurring today is the second of a series of Jupiter-Pluto squares. The first occurred August 7, 2013. Many things are slipping away as Pluto always demands the release of that which does not serve the highest good. Mark your calendar for April 20, 2014; as this is the third and final of this series.

Mercury begins his first retrograde cycle of the year February 6 in the sign of Pisces. This back-peddling of the communication planet, is an opportunity to retreat into creative meditation. Take care to not slip into paranoid despair. I am here for council and guidance, so be sure to contact me for an appointment.

On February 12, midway through the reversal, Mercury revisits Aquarius. This is the perfect time to present new ideas to groups and organizations. After this point, wait patiently until the 28th to place the idea into action.

The Full Moon February 14, in outgoing Leo inspires a flourish of expressive ideas to explode into existence. The only things possibly holding you back is a steady square by strict Saturn in Scorpio. This can easily cause self-loathing and dampen your desire to mingle. It is best to stay in and keep a low profile.

The Sun drifts into Pisces February 18, beckoning us to take a month-long sojourn into our inner complexities. This introspective time is perfect to begin a meditation practice or deepen an existing one. Come to me for guidance and instruction. This infuses our ability to see into the psychic realm as well.

Mercury turns direct in Aquarius, February 28. His slow motion forward begins to unravel the recent muddled mess made of communications within groups and the function of electronics. As he picks up speed in the weeks to come, all of these begin to magically move back into place.

I invite you to read on for my predictions for the 12 signs.

Aries March 19/20 to April 20/21. Your career is about to take a bold step forward. Watch as new opportunities bubble to the surface like rainbow colored soap bubbles. These colorful choices are carried to you through friends and groups. This feeds unpredictable behavior and fans the flames of excitement. A cloud of confusion follows close on the tail of this enthusiasm as old issues resurface with the visit of a former lover, spouse or old friend. By night strange dreams speak to you from your depths of consciousness. Refrain from all travel as it is better to stay home and sort through all of this bit by bit. Use your energy to refocus on your work and watch as you gain the support you deserve.

Taurus April 20/21 to May 21/22. Take extra care with all of your work related communications. Keep a close watch on your calendar and commitments. The possibility you are about to make a grave mistake is at large. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze into your own eyes as you give yourself a good talking to. Keep yourself out of trouble. I suggest enrolling in a course or seminar to focus the mind. If your plans involve leaving your homeland on a journey, there is a good chance love is about to knock at the door of your heart. If work is your current passion, you are about to create you next great pitch. The timing is perfect to instill a steady health and exercise regime. Be sure you have extra free time toward the end of the month, your family needs you.

Gemini May 21/22 to June 21/22. Your recent career strategies are slipping and sloshing around in confusion. Do not; under any circumstance begin anything new at this time. You need every drop of energy to focus on the current tasks. Be sure to create better backups of your current work and ideas. Do all you can to remain positive and know that anything appearing jumbled is soon to straighten out. If in a traditional job, a much deserved bonus or raise is sure to come through. Accept all good things with gratitude and humble appreciation. Any legal or binding agreement at hand is coming through in your favor. All of this affirmative energy floods into your personal life as well. Give thanks.

Cancer June 22/23 to July 22/23. You are experiencing heightened intuition and increased imagination. This encourages you to take up your favorite creative tools. In turn you are able to watch as you produce your next great masterpiece. New contracts are imminent and encourage you to run at optimum. Take good care of your health to maintain the necessary energy level needed. Spread out and express yourself in all outlets including: written word, visual art and music. Capture all of the communication coming in from your muse. Be sure to keep excellent records of all of these new conceptions. This also supercharges your personal relationships which are strengthening at every level. Take advantage of this at work and home. You are on a much deserved upswing.

Leo July 22/23 to August 23/24. The environment at work continues to become much more conductive. New ways of organizing and presenting your unique goods and services come to you in times of quiet contemplation so be sure to remove yourself and create space. This helps to lift the constraints of recent struggle. Though others come to you for guidance and solutions it is important to stay focused on your own primary needs. Be sure to finalize all current deals and wait until next month to take on any new financial commitments. This is due to the continuation of your current challenges. The lesson here is to learn about the effect of your words and thoughts on your life. Pull yourself together and make permanent changes. An irresistible physical encounter eases the stress level temporarily. When the fog clears away it is time to clean up yourself and your act.

Virgo August 23/24 to September 23/24. Time to completely revamp your financial system; this is due to your judgment being on point at this time. You are now able to set up a long-range and long-lasting plan that takes you far into the future. Your recent desire to thin out your worldly possessions is a great way to lighten up and this is necessary pruning in turns allows abundant growth in the near future. Those of you seeking new jobs are in luck and bound to land a perfect choice after sorting through the many promising prospects. If spiritual progression is your desire, a great teacher is coming to you. Be sure to catch the signs and follow. Enjoy the way everything is progressing smooth as silk.

Libra September 23/24 to October 23/24. Your health is steadily improving. It is important to keep your focus on your new positive habits. All matters of the heart are stabilizing. Opportunities are seeking you out in the relationship sector. It is your choice as to whether you want to follow them. The work you are doing to create financial security requires steady attention. Likewise family connections and commitments ask for equal devotion. As everything begins to lighten up and your finances begin to find their way back into the black, you may need to create an extra boost with some side work. Take advantage of this and get busy. It is important in order for you to get back on track.

Scorpio October 23/24 to November 22/23. The unconscious mind is working overtime in preparation for the incredible year ahead. The best way to support this proprietary process is to practice stillness and even better yet go on a retreat. This rejuvenatory respite helps you to store up the necessary energy needed for the great creative output and romance just ahead. You continue to mature in your ideas and communications. Trust all new associates and in turn become a great leader. Continue forward with patience while keeping focused on your work. All of this is all greatly paying off and very soon you are going to reap the fruits of your efforts.

Sagittarius November 22/23 to December 21/22. Do all you can to visualize your propensity for earning. This gives forth abundant prosperity. Overspending and added stressors are detrimental to your health. Curb your appetites as you cannot push beyond your means at this time. Take care not to identify with what you believe are lesser wages but rather find gratitude in all plusses. Exercise patience and take care to save and conserve when encountering windfalls. Loved ones misinterpret your expressions and reactions. This complicates communication and puts added strain on you. Rather than fretting in paranoia, invest your energy in learning opportunities and low-key inexpensive travel.

Capricorn December 21/22 to January 20/21. All new projects move in a positive direction including infatuation and new love. You experience a great influx of awareness regarding your spiritual connection. This helps those of you making career moves and gives a much needed boost. The key to making wise choices is to be sure that they feel as good as they seem on paper. Though this may sound odd, it is a way to step out of the way of your mind so as to not sabotage this potential good fortune. Take extra care with your wardrobe and appearance as both integrally contribute to the future of your success.

Aquarius January 20/21 to February 18/19. Happiness and prosperity abound and lead you to a new peak of potential bliss. This good vibration is here to stay for several months, so be sure to take full advantage of it. Keep a vigilant watch on your health and make impeccable choices. The flames of your new-felt inspiration push you harder than what you have been experiencing recently. This quite possibly is more than you can handle at this time. Therefore, be sure to heed all early warning signs and symptoms. Take rest and retreat when needed.

Pisces February 18/19 to March 19/20. Dive into your creative cave and into the depths of your psyche. There is no use trying to push against time. Give into your desire to create and dream. Allow your new ideas and inspirations to mellow and mature. Now is a great time to manifest your new rules and boundaries and to set new standards. A great breakthrough is just around the corner. Those of you seeking change or new employment must allow it to find you. When it does, this is the start of a positive and very long lasting situation.

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About Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

Ambika Devi believes the way to honor our connection to the Earth Mother is through our sadhana, our daily practices. She teaches that to be inspired in our expression we must begin with our breath. Her favorite way to do so is through the practice of Mantra.

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