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Moon Wisdom July 26, 2014 5:41:44 p.m. EDT Jensen Beach, FL©Ambika Devi, Chica de las Estrellas

The point of a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon seem to rise and set together creating a dark sky. Today’s New Moon in Leo is in a tight combust conjunction with fellow fire planet Jupiter. Fanning the flames further is Mercury in Cancer forming an out of sign conjunction. This dynamic new start happens with Luna at her apogee which is when she is at the furthest point from the earth.

The Sun represents our ego mind and the force that drives us to do and act. Jupiter is the expansive teacher of higher knowledge and far-reaching ideas. Having Jupiter in a fellow fire sign of Leo inspires good vibes and urges the self-esteem to act and “go for it!”

Mars in Scorpio squares the Sun and Moon today causing a necessary irritation to drive toward the good and true uniting of spirit. In addition the Goddess Vesta in Libra forms a separating square. She reminds us that what we thought fanned the flames of our hearts are moving into a more balanced and steady course.

July 31 Mercury joins the celestial gang in Leo. When the messenger spends time in the lion’s lair, he has a tendency to get a little too chatty. Mind your manners and think about the appropriateness of what you are about to say before you blurt.

The Full moon in August is called the Sturgeon Moon, known for its often blazing red color. The tribal fisher-people that named this lunation were grateful for the bounty of their efforts and planned wisely for the months to come. In other parts of the world she is known as the Green Corn Moon—a symbol of early usefulness and a promise for great potential. This Full Moon finds Luna in the colorfully mindful sign of Aquarius on August 10. Many are on summer break in the northern hemisphere and our friends in the southern portion of the planet are cozying up for the dark dreamtime of winter. We are all connected and therefor can utilize the suggestions of both ancestral lineages. Place extra attention on what you are accruing. Think ahead and save a bit of for the future.

August 15 Mercury returns to Virgo, one of his home signs. The discriminating mind can be critical and analytical. It can also become obsessed with detailed knowledge. This may be to our detriment in daily life, although it is very beneficial for doing any kind of research. Be precise in all communications with others.

The Sun is our source of life. August 22 the Sun moves gently into Virgo. The high energy and forward force of the last month can seem as if it is slowing to a halt. Stay focused on the little tasks at hand. Do your best to work meticulously and complete every job. Through this process you are able to develop a new set of positive habits. These in turn help with your advancement on all levels throughout the month. Little steps build a big bright new future, take your time and be patient!

May you begin to gather all of the nourishing people places and things that can see and your gifts. I invite you to read on for my predictions for the 12 signs.

Aries March 19/20 to April 20/21. Daily tasks of the mundane world consume your energy and demand your clear focus. It is important to practice a clean diet and regular exercise to skillfully support your ability to sail through the turbulent waters just ahead. Now is a good time for checkups and routine maintenance. The fact that you are having a pleasure peak is not helping to keep your attention on these responsibilities. Any steps forward must be weighed out and proven safe. This is not a time when you can afford to cut corners and take risks. You love independence to the point of being prideful but right now, you are better off placing your trust in the hands of the right people. Say yes to all assistance.

Taurus April 20/21 to May 21/22. Take care to not over exert yourself in an effort to please your boss or clients. Be grateful and by all means spend the energy to go the extra distance. Be sure to schedule ample recovery time so you can properly recharge. Take care of any small health annoyances your have been ignoring so as to prevent any inflated issues in the near future. By staying happy and healthy you are better able to be of service to you family. This is taking a bit of a balancing act, as your close personal relationships are in demand of your time. Financial burdens are easing up, giving you a breath of fresh air and more space to move around.

Gemini May 21/22 to June 21/22. The mighty wind is stirring, preparing you for a great change. You are about to be swept into a completely new and different direction and quite possibly a new location. All aspects of life are shifting. Your greatest source of information is the dream world. Watch all the messages and allow them to construct a guide map. This helps to get you through to where you need to be. You have an opportunity to create avenues for vending your brilliant ideas. This good energy pours into your relationship sector. When you feel that you are not being heard, take this as a signal to move on and seek quiet time. Once alone, contemplate and reflect in order to regroup and recharge—then get back out there.

Cancer June 22/23 to July 22/23. Exercise patience with regards to work. Now is a good time to take a break from your normal routine and really relax. This is much needed and helps you to recover and redefine your desires and ideas as to where you would like to see your career going. Follow the undeniable signs of coincidences and synchronicities leading you away from your home environment and on a little nurturing adventure. Being in a new space helps you to evaluate your current situation and gain insight as to how you can actively upgrade your pitches and presentations. Do more than just considering your choices. Act on them and then be prepared to receive the gifts coming your way!

Leo July 22/23 to August 23/24. You are discovering a whole new way to move around in your career and from place to place. The power of attraction is strong right now so take care to not let it go to your head. If it gets out of control this can jeopardize a long standing relationship so, rather than letting it do damage, re-channel it into your work sector and use it in a conscious and positive manor. It is as if light is beaming on you replenishing and supercharging your long depleted resources. You are in unknown territory so step forward with caution. This is not the time for swift decisions or flying off in new directions. Take some of this and give to your family and friends.

Virgo August 23/24 to September 23/24. Creative ideas swoop through your thoughts and flash through your dreams as the mind increases in sharpness. Put more time and energy into the idea of a move and changes to your daily routine. Clear messages come to you when you are in a relaxed state of being. Take extra time to carefully consider all scenarios, weighing them out carefully before you express these in a splattering to your closest relations. It is time to realize how this affects them. Unexpected good news helps you to curb your need for this. You have the power and adaptability to shape and co-create your coming year. Get to work.

Libra September 23/24 to October 23/24. An infusion of energy in your social sector sweeps you off into a scattering of directions. There are two ways this can affect the present moment. Either you find a way to increase your circle of friends or you dissolve into a state of frazzled confusion. Before you leap into multiple directions all at once, slow your momentum to a complete halt and really look at what is going on. Significant others want more from you than you are willing to give. Discuss your needs to maintain balance. Acting impulsively is to your detriment. Keep your actions and communications clear and continually refocus so as to bring your attention and awareness into the present moment. This is what grounds you.

Scorpio October 23/24 to November 22/23. Your professional world is lit up like a fireworks display and a crowd of admirers and supporters are welcoming you front and center. Get your presentation square and prepare for take-off. There are levels you must clear and gates to blaze through. Be sure everything is sparkling and polished in order to dazzle the awaiting crowds. Monitor your limits and insist on sufficient down time in order to recharge as needed. You have a higher level of attractiveness than you have experienced in years. This in turn attracts major players that usher in new successes. Love, romance and a richer more fulfilling level of happiness is yours. Unite with this, it is your destiny.

Sagittarius November 22/23 to December 21/22. Your favorite go to solution for feelings of unrest is to take off on an adventure. The energy that is needed to feed this wanderlust it better invested in the inward journey at this time. This leads you on a quest for higher learning and can manifest in formal training at a university, or by attending a theosophical lecture. The main idea here is mind expansion. The career bumps you have experienced these past few months are being transformed by your willingness to mentor protégés. Stay as positive as is possible. This boosts your well-being and general health levels, thus assuring your ability to rest and heal.

Capricorn December 21/22 to January 20/21. Transformation is happening in many sectors of your world. To assure this produces positive results stay diligent in monitoring speech patterns. This cleans up communication and helps a great deal with all the renewal activity. If you feel struggle, do everything you can to give in and trust in the inevitable change. Any fight leads to a more rapid succession of events, which can leave you too worn to recover. The solution is to give in at the onset. Ease the intensity by opting for a little get away. When you return, roll up your sleeves and get down to work. Say yes to overtime and tasks on the side. These pay off big-time.

Aquarius January 20/21 to February 18/19. Financial and legal matters are in the forefront. To support your decisions, take concise inventory of your resources. Then formulate a clear and concise plan of your proximal moves. The clearer your mind and choices the easier getting through all of this is. Once past these obstacles, your relationship issues slide nicely into place. If asked to make a choice, go with what makes you feel good inside. Timing feels a bit off as offers come at you randomly. The pace and frequency has you thrown. Be sure to stay clear as to what is appropriate. Weigh out all of the choices and say yes as much as possible. The repercussions are not worth the cost of a no.

Pisces February 18/19 to March 19/20. Treat yourself to some much needed rest and relaxation. When your battery is filled and you feel ready to get back on the playing, field a plethora of opportunities arise. To negotiate through this next phase, create a strong foothold and fabricate an ironclad foundation. The path that improves your most intimate personal relationships is the best choice. Daily health practices need your utmost attention, especially your choices in diet. Increase your sense of contentment by revisiting your recently dormant creative outlets. The joy of self-expression rejuvenates you.

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About Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

Ambika Devi believes the way to honor our connection to the Earth Mother is through our sadhana, our daily practices. She teaches that to be inspired in our expression we must begin with our breath. Her favorite way to do so is through the practice of Mantra.

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