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Suerte from the Moon January 11, 2013 2:43:36 p.m. EST Jensen Beach, FL, Chica de las Estrellas

The moon represents the psyche which can behave like a sugared up teen if we let it! Allow me to help you harness her and reign her in this coming year. Book your appointment now for a look at this year. With a proper road-map it is always easier to reach your final destination. Scroll down to see the chart for this New Moon and to read your monthly Horoscope.

Perhaps you have been charging up a mountain of ideas or stuck wallowing in the depths of your emotions. Prepare to steady yourself during this New Moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn’s ruler Saturn likes you to sweat a little and labor a lot. The more willing you are to surrender and give in, the more you are rewarded. Organization needs to happen in the mundane physical world as much as in your dreams and fantasies. It is time to really look at where you are investing your energy and how you are going about it. The sea-goat loves to have us roll up our sleeves and dig into work. When we place the focus on ourselves, we lesson our chances of reacting to peripheral occurrences and triggers.

Odd and unusual matters are what set us off with Mars in the Uranus ruled sign of Aquarius now. In addition, our will is behaving strongly with Uranus in Aries square to Venus. He leads the Capricorn stellium of this New Moon. Contradicting feelings mull around inside the mind with Mars square Saturn in Scorpio. Be clever and capture the brilliant moments of clarity that flash in your psyche. Dreams are speaking louder than words in their innovative and often confusing language. The best way to unravel the meaning is to talk to a friend and share them out loud. If it is really confusing, give me a ring. I love listening to and interpreting the dream images and songs of your psyche.

Mercury the messenger floats into the hazy-wavy realm of Aquarius January 18. The water-bearer influences us to stretch our ability to communicate beyond our boundaries. He inspires original thinking and encourages us to imagine new ways of being in the future. The challenge here is to be able to ground ourselves back into this present moment! The Uranus ruler ship of Aquarius loves to push boundaries so I suggest speaking more slowly and taking more time with communications.

The Sun swishes in on January 19 to join the communicator in Aquarius. The Sun represents the ego mind and when this comes in contact with the innovative idealism of Aquarius it is easier to feel a part of the cosmic ocean. It is the mind that holds us back from allowing the Divine Force of Love to work freely through us. The Sun in Aquarius gives our egos that the experience of the great web of existence as real

The passion of the Full Moon in Leo January 26 inspires us to live life to the fullest. This is bound to be quite a weekend! Do the things you have been craving and really experience the beauty of existence! The only challenge Leo poses is to be in truth and integrity as the Lion loves drama and acting. Keep things real! Take care to be a little on the safe side with decisions and risks. Those of you in service industries are sure to be running around in circles for the next few days and asked to do overtime. The interpretation of communication is easily misunderstood with a hard square from Saturn hitting close to the midpoint between the Sun and Mercury. The best solution is to wait a bit before trying to negotiate your way out of a situation.

Finally Jupiter, the benevolent giant of good things, changes his course to direct January 30. This helps everything to move and change so tidy up the areas you don’t want inflated! Now you can push a little more on the objectives and watch as your ideas solidify. Jupiter is the benevolent leader of higher learning and spiritual heights. Get into that new book about having it all or take that life-changing workshop. You are now being supercharged with the positive vibrations to get it! The water you haul up from the well-spring of existence is filled with magic! Take a good long drink and enjoy!

It is time for the warrior to change his post February 1, when Mars moves into the mystic realm of Pisces. Ancient Samurai were trained in the art of flower arranging and dance. It is time to let go of the need to fight and put your drive into creative projects over the next six weeks while he visits here. If confronted and feeling feisty be sure to be clear about your emotional state and avoid getting snared by your thoughts.

The Aquarian assembly continues when Venus joins everybody in Aquarius later the same day. Relationships can turn cool or outrageous. It all depends on the need to feel independence and how strong your devotion is. If your love life has just been flat or boring this is a great opportunity to spice it up. Take advantage of all resources to find new ways to pleasure your partner. Utilize all of the senses. Stretch out into unknown territory and try new social circles.

Cosmic activities complete this lunar month February 5 when Mercury slips into Pisces. Talkative Mercury is a lot less interested in communicating and processing when he visits the river of the two fishes. Just let those sorts of things be for now and by this I mean through the end of March. This is due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde February 23 – March 17. Things most likely will stay a bit flummoxed until April 13 when he reaches his starting point.

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I am your girl of the stars, Chica de las Estrellas and have been a working Astrologer since 1974 when I was a child. I have a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology and have been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel. In additions I have consulted for companies including IBM and the J.W. Marriott. Contact me for consultations including relationship, career, health and finding your path in life.

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About Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi has been a working Astrologer since 1974 when she was a child. Earning a degree from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Tropical Astrology, Ambika Devi has been featured as a relationship expert on the Learning Channel and has consulted for companies including IBM and the Marriott. In 2010 elements of Jyotish, the art of Indian Astrology was added to her repertoire.

Ambika Devi believes the way to honor our connection to the Earth Mother is through our sadhana, our daily practices. She teaches that to be inspired in our expression we must begin with our breath. Her favorite way to do so is through the practice of Mantra.

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